Vapozone is a device used for aesthetic services (facial care, skin cleansing, extraction of blackheads, or during a shaping massage).

It allows a steam projection that can be complemented by aromatic essences or by ozone.

Ozone (03) is produced by ionising the mercury vapour contained in the device's lamp.

This device requires vigilance in terms of safety for both the practitioner and the client: spraying distance, compliance with dosages, possible contraindications (essential oils).

It also requires regular maintenance in order to preserve a perfect hygiene.


The diameter of blood vessels influences the amount of blood flowing through an area of the body.

When it is cold, blood capillaries reduce their diameter at the tips of our fingers, toes, ears or nose, for example. There is therefore very little blood in circulation in these areas.

On the contrary, when you massage, the client's skin warms up and reddens because, under the effect of your hands and of rubbing, blood capillaries increase their diameter.

Vasomotricity is a normal and involuntary phenomenon caused by the contraction, or relaxation, of tiny smooth muscle fibres wrapped around the blood vessels. Control is mainly provided by the nerve centres of the sympathetic nervous system and by certain hormones.


Yin & Yang

Defining Yin and Yang separately would be like trying to separate the two sides of the same coin. There would always be two sides on each of the separate parts...

The theory of Yin and Yang is, together with that of the Five Movements, at the root of Chinese medicine stemming from the philosophy of the sages of Antiquity.

These theories apply the fundamental principles of opposition, interdependence and unity of opposites to the structure of the human body, to its physiology but also to pathologies and to the treatments considered.

According to the theory referred to in this article, the world is formed by the union of two opposing energies that are inseparable and in reciprocal relationship: Yin and Yang. It is said that "one is produced by both".

All things and natural phenomena have both a Yin and a Yang aspect. These aspects are in constant dynamic interrelation, which is at the origin of their evolution, their development and their transformation.



Zoster - Herpes zoster

A zoster is an inflammatory reaction following the reactivation of the chickenpox virus. Indeed, after contracting the disease once in his life, and being cured of it, most of the VVZ viruses (Varicella Zoster Virus) have been eliminated. But not all of them.

Some viruses remain in the body in a "dormant" state in the nervous nodes for years. They are well controlled by the immune system.

They may wake up for reasons that are difficult to identify. It is simply noted that people with shingles (about 20% of people with VVZ) have a decrease in their immune defenses due to age, disease, the use of certain medications or stress.

In this case, the virus reactivates and causes a skin rash that is often very painful and most often occurs on the chest, face or upper limbs. But it can appear anywhere. 

On the skin, most often on one side of the body, vesicles form in clusters along the nerve path.

The crisis can last two to three weeks. The vesicles dry in about ten days but the pain can last much longer. Sometimes years.

During the entire time that vesicles and scabs are present on the skin, there is a risk of contagion. It should therefore not be touched. 

But the person who comes for a massage or a hammam may not be fully aware of what is happening. Be careful if you see this type of redness and blisters on the skin.

If, despite everything, you have been in contact with shingles:

  • use a hydro-alcoholic solution to disinfect your hands;
  • do not mix the laundry used for this person with the rest of the dirty laundry