Frequently asked questions

How do I retrieve the document I just bought in the Wiki Spa shop?

The document is in your "Store Account". Go to your profile and in the right column click on "Shop account".

All you have to do is download it.

How do I get an invoice for my purchase?

You will automatically receive an email once your payment has been validated.

This email contains a link to download your invoice.

Are my bank details recorded on the website?

The Wiki Spa website does not and will never have access to your bank details or payment card details.

Our partner Stripe ensures the security of your banking details.

What is the percentage of VAT applied on the amount of my purchases in the Store?

The applied percentage of VAT depends on the country from which you are connecting.
From France 20% VAT is applied on the amount of your subscription or purchases. From other countries, no VAT is applied according to the regulations of the French General Tax Code.

Can I share the documents I bought in the Store?


International intellectual property laws protect the documents sold in the Wiki Spa Store. It is therefore forbidden to share them. As it is forbidden to reproduce partially or totally the articles of the site, the motion design and to redistribute the videos without the written authorization of the author.

Thank you for the authors!

Can I advertise on Wiki Spa by publishing an article?


We do not want to put any advertising on the site and the blog to make it easier for you to read the articles and also to remain independent.