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Reading of the health questionnaire can help you adapt your treatments. Example.

Heart failure. These words are scary. It is true that this heart disease is not romantic. It affects millions of people worldwide and causes thousands of deaths every year, often prematurely.

I chose to tell you about this topic today because the signs of this condition often go unnoticed or are overlooked. When one of your clients completes your health questionnaire, you need to make the connection between points that can, and should, switch on a small red light in your head, without feeling like a doctor.

Normally, if done properly, your health questionnaire will inform you about essential points about a person's state of health (or at least how they feel) before a treatment in your Spa.

Among the questions usually asked are questions such as:

Do you have any breathing problems or a feeling that your breath is short?

  • Are you particularly tired these days?
  • Have you put on weight recently?
  • Do you have any circulatory problems?
  • Do you have heavy and sometimes swollen legs?


The answers to these questions allow you to guide your client to the most appropriate care for his or her condition and needs. Depending on your specialty and your spa’s treatment card, they also allow you to advise clients against certain treatments, if they seem inappropriate to you. Avoid letting a customer enter a sauna if they have significant problems with blood return circulation, for example.

But once again, without using a medical discourse or exceeding your rights and skills, it is also your responsibility to attract your client's attention. At least alert him to a conjunction of signs that could be suggestive of a health problem. Don’t go as far as to mention cardiac pathology, of course. This is not your job.

No one will blame you for being too cautious. If you have spotted something right, the person or his/her close relatives will undoubtedly be grateful to you. Imagine the opposite...

So always make connections when you read the health questionnaire.

"SFEF" the right trick

This is the little name given by some cardiologists to the four signs that, when combined together, might suggest the existence of a potential problem. SFEF should encourage a medical consultation, without urgency. There's no need to call 911!

SFEF means:

  • Shortness of breath during exercise and/or rest
  • Fast and significant weight gain
  • Edema of the lower limbs and swollen feet
  • Fatigue limiting normal daily activity

These signs will appear on the health questionnaire in a more or less obvious way. Take a moment to think before you sell and then do a treatment, especially for some treatments using physical agents such as long infrared rays, for example. It is best to seek medical advice before embarking on these sorts of treatments. If you have any doubts, suggest an alternative. Also, get in touch with manufacturers and distributors to learn more about operating modes, read studies, etc.

Make no mistake about it. We are not here in an "illegal practice" of medicine. But simply in a very professional way to consider the work of a Wellness professional.

It's exactly the same when you decide to change a treatment protocol.  It is very professional to explain to your client that you prefer to use neutral argan oil for their massage, without the addition of essential oils or perfumes (synthetic or natural) just because he/she indicated on the health questionnaire that he/she was "allergic". This is your professional competence.

Think the same way if you see a client for the second or third time and you find that one of his/her moles on the back (out of sight for the person) has changed significantly in shape. Tell him/her it could be good to see a doctor. Here too, you are fully exercising your role as a professional.

Be aware and take care of yourself as well!