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Spa, Beauty and Wellness Professionals and Students, Wiki Spa[in]formation is dedicated to you.

Its regular publications are designed to help you thrive in a very demanding professional environment that evolves every day.

Ad-free to guarantee truly free and independent content, this blog is run by health professionals, experts in the Spa, aesthetics and hotel sector. A very large team of professionals from all over the world contribute to this publication.

Other media provide you with very good information on the trends and business aspects of our professions. In a complementary way, we are committed to meeting your needs for continuous training. All the technical topics that make up your daily professional life are covered: anatomy, physiology, products, treatment techniques, massages, management, etc....

All the covered topics will help you improve your theoretical knowledge and practical skills in order to optimize the quality of the treatments and personalized advice you offer to your clients. 

And because your personal well-being is also essential, topics to protect you in the exercise of your profession have an important place in our articles, animations and videos: ergonomics, health, prevention, etc.

Finally, we also address social and environmental themes such as the development of caring relationships in the professional world or the respectful use of our planet's ressources by the Spa and Wellness industry. 

It is also because these values do not know borders that our site is accessible in French, English and will be soon in Spanish.




Health Professionals

Dedicated to the world of Spa and Wellness treatments, they bring you their theoretical and practical expertise. They advise you on all health and prevention topics

Spa and beauty experts

High level professionals share with you on Wiki Spa their experience and know-how on the techniques from all the continents where they work.

Spa Managers 

They hold prestigious positions and are recognized as specialists in financial and HR management. They help you to develop your company or your Spa department


Editorial team

Philippe Chéoux

Ostéopathe DO & Physiotherapist
Spa Consultant - Coach
CEO Chestam Group SAS

Creator of the Wiki Spa project and editor-in-chief, Philippe Chéoux is a health professional who entered the world of Spa more than 15 years ago.

Creator of treatments for the most famous brands and Spa Consultant, he also brings his expertise to Spa and Wellness professionals through the Master Classes and conferences he runs. 


Aude Koch

Directrice Spa & Spa Consultante
Relation Publique et Commerciale pour Chestam Group SAS

Aude Koch, an aesthetician by training, very quickly entered the world of Spa.

Under his direction, the Spa de La Mamounia, the mythical Moroccan palace, has been awarded several years in a row (2011 - Best Spa in the World - Condé Nast).

She manages the international network of professionals and experts who contribute to the Wiki Spa site.