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Gastroenteritis. How to protect yourself and your customers.


Gastroenteritis appears cyclically every year. This phenomenon is global. Spa, thalassotherapy, institutes and all wellness professionals are in the front line.

Hands are primarily responsible for the transmission and the development of gastroenteritis epidemics. And your hands are your working tools.

The epidemic cycles of this disease are variable according to regions and living and hygiene conditions. This disease is globally present everywhere. It affects all segments of the population, regardless of age.

Gastroenteritis is a combination of symptoms: vomiting, diarrhea, fever, most often accompanied by severe fatigue. This is due to the presence and proliferation of different microorganisms, bacteria or viruses. These pathogens are transmitted through contaminated water and food. 

Your customers may be healthy carriers.

A healthy carrier is a person who walks around with everything that can transmit a disease, without being ill. 

Getting a massage or a beauty treatment with a gastroenteritis... is not very comfortable. So your customers probably wouldn't come if they were sick. 

But they may be carriers of germs that they got elsewhere. If they do, they may pollute your premises. It starts with your door handles. And it's not anecdotal. These objects we don't think about are real germs' nests.

Good tips for you

First of all, wash your hands. You are used to washing them before and after each treatment. As a reminder, this must be done in front of the customer. This reassures him/her about the level of hygiene in your professional practices. 

In times of epidemics, you need to be more vigilant than usual. The cleaning must be perfect. Wet your hands, soak them thoroughly and do not forget to rub them well between your fingers and under your fingernails. And don't forget the wrists and forearms. 

In times of epidemics, clean all your premises even more than usual. Pass the instruction on to the personnel in charge and require them to wear gloves. For the famous door handles, use a hydro-alcoholic product to disinfect them several times a day. 

Cabins must also be well ventilated to renew the ambient air and remove harmful elements.

If you get the disease anyway

Adjust your diet to help your body fight infection. Rice, bananas and garlic, for example, are known to disinfect the intestine. 

On the other hand, avoid all raw vegetables, eggs and dairy products early on. A diet free of spices, fat and alcohol will also help you recover faster.

Also consider drinking much water, as gastroenteritis will cause dehydration. This can even be severe.

Finally, remember to rest as much as possible. Sleep stimulates our immune defences.

All these tips are also valid for your family and friends and of course for your customers!

Take good care of yourself.

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