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The effects of long infrared rays


When used in a professional and controlled way, the health benefits of long infrared rays no longer seem to need to be demonstrated. Benefits and precautions to be taken.

Our environment is bathed by waves, some are visible, others invisible. They are distributed over a very wide spectrum, from radio waves to gamma rays. Only a very small part of these waves are visible to the human eye. These are the colours of the rainbow.

The waves interact with our bodies. They penetrate more or less deeply into it. They also cause a variety of physical and physiological reactions. To put it simply, UV makes us get tanned and infrared warms us up. 

It is infrared waves and, in particular, long infrared waves that interest us here. They have very interesting properties on the physiology of our body. And while we have known this for a long time in an "empirical" way, these waves were only really scientifically discovered at the beginning of the 19th century.

Indeed, in Japan, for hundred years, the Japanese have been accustomed to taking centuries-old detox cures called "Suna Ryoho". In the south of the country, in the Ibusuki region, patients are buried for a few minutes in the sand heated by the earth and the sun. The sand emits long infrared radiations that penetrate the tissues of the human body. This internal temperature rise causes the body's fluids to move in-depth. The intense sweating eliminates toxins and purifies the body.

This technique is similar to arenization, which is used in other countries of the world such as Morocco, for example in Merzouga region. 

In 2004, a new technology started using these long infrared emissions to reproduce the same benefits for the body without the need to go to Japan or the Sahara. This initiative was taken by Shogoro Uemura and his company Iyashi Dôme. His device provides detoxification of the body and regeneration of the metabolic system during a half-hour session. This patented technology has been the subject of scientific studies and medical publications. Patents and studies are available on the company's website. 

Infrared is a wave that causes an increase in the temperature of the material and therefore of the body. But this is done neither by conduction (heat transfer by a solid) nor by convection (heat transfer by hot air). Infrared rays interacts directly with the cells and fluids of the human body, which is very different from the traditional Finnish sauna.

Areas of application of this technology

The human body is most often exposed to ingested and inhaled pollutants, but also to recurrent stress. The effects of these accumulated toxins and oxidative stress are very harmful to health. DNA mutations are observed. All this develops risks of diseases and leads to premature and accelerated ageing. Our resistance capacities are reduced and we are losing a lot of our energy potential.

The controlled diffusion of long infrared rays and the emission of a soft heat that seems to "envelop us from the inside" allow the body to sweat and eliminate these toxins and accumulated heavy metals. The body is less "polluted" and regains its ability to regenerate itself and eliminate fat. Even the mind relaxes during a long infrared ray session. It makes you feel more relaxed.

There are therefore many applications

Regeneration after a sporting effort to accelerate recovery and promote performance, for example. But the use of long infrared rays also has a logical place in detoxification cures, anti-ageing treatments and slimming protocols.

Not that this technology can do everything. But by allowing the body to eliminate the toxins and other toxic substances that clutter it, this technology helps the body to rebalance itself. Immune defenses are boosted and homeostasis is restored.

The effects of this technology on weight and silhouette are induced by sweat elimination. Approximately 600 kCal is eliminated in a single session.

The detoxifying effect has been validated by scientific studies. They showed an increased removal of heavy metals in particular. These metals are often accumulated through food and breathing. Among the most eliminated by exposure to long infrared rays are lead, nickel, barium, strontium, chromium, arsenic, cadmium, copper and, even more particularly, aluminium. 

Hence, this elimination alone justifies the catalyst that Iyashi Dôme has patented and is the only one to offer.

The anti-ageing effect is one of the consequences of rebalancing homeostasis and cell regeneration. The effects are mainly visible on the signs of time such as wrinkles and skin firmness.

Rules to be respected

Exposure of a body of average build to the infrared rays produced by this technology for half an hour will cause it to evacuate up to 1200 ml of perspiration. 

It is therefore essential and imperative to drink before and after this type of session. You should drink water at room temperature and in small sips to ensure proper rehydration.

It is also necessary to space the sessions sufficiently. At least 48 hours are required between two sessions. A cure of about ten sessions spread over three weeks with a maximum of three times a week seems to be the rhythm that produces the best effects.