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5 tips to improve your endurance


For a Wellness professional, especially those who practice massage on a daily basis, it is important to maintain an excellent physical condition.

It’s necessary to have an excellent endurance in the physical effort that a massage represents so that the quality of it is just as good at the beginning as at the end of the day.  

In addition, it’s important that your endurance is reflected on your face and posture. There’s nothing worse for a customer than to see the one who will massage him or her enter the cabin dragging his/her feet and looking defeated!

Here are 5 tips to achieve this. 

And the first attention you need to have is for yourself.

Take care of yourself!

1 - Your sleep

To be fit and efficient, you need to sleep well.

Sleep is essential for both physical and mental recovery. To acquire and maintain a good level of endurance, it is important to have sufficient sleep time. It means sleeping for around eight hours. More or less one hour depending on people’s needs. 

Below this time, you don’t allow your body to regenerate sufficiently and fatigue will accumulate. The first to suffer will be yourself and your level of performance. You will be less good, your gestures will be less precise, more repetitive and less adapted to the client's needs. You will also be less attentive and this will soon become apparent in the overall quality of your services and your professional and relational attitude. 

Try to go to sleep often at least one hour before midnight, popular wisdom says that these hours count double!

2 - Start your day off right

A good start to a working day is above all about taking care of yourself. Stretch out in your bed like cats do. Gather your legs together on your chest for a few moments to relieve your intervertebral discs. Your back will thank you all day long!

Eat well in the morning because it is the fuel you need to start the "machine". Going away for a whole day to take care of others requires a good dose of energy and you will find it in a good breakfast.

During the day, eat enough food but avoid snacks. They seem to give you a boost, but in fact, they keep upsetting your balance.

Eat light in the evening. Your body needs rest, so there is no need to ask it for extra effort to digest a heavy meal. Besides, you'll sleep better!

3 - Drink enough fluids

For a client to be comfortable in a massage cabin, the room temperature is generally high. But you, you're not lying quietly.... 

You move, you make physical efforts and you evacuate a large amount of fluid both from sweating and from perspiration. It is therefore very important to drink small amounts of water regularly throughout your working day. Preferably use water at room temperature as it’s easier for your body to absorb. Avoid soft drinks and sugary drinks, they don’t bring you anything. If you have the opportunity, drink magnesium-rich waters and herbal teas from time to time.

4 - Play sports

I know that your job is already "sport"!

But regular exercise will help you maintain a good personal balance, both physical and mental. You can do what you like, but I recommend two simple and effective physical activities: swimming and active walking.

Swimming, by putting your body in "suspension" in the water, will have the advantage of moving your body and joints without stress. 

Active walking, i.e. walking at a fast pace, energizes your muscles and joints in different amplitudes than the ones you use during a treatment, for example. 

In both cases these sports also allow you to work on your ventilation and to oxygenate your cells.

Don't forget to warm up before you do your first massage of the day.

5 - Speak up

Wellness professions, which provide clients with a source of energy and balance, require personal commitment and significant attention from the professionals. By bringing relaxation to the people who entrust you with the task of ridding them of their tensions and fatigue, you sometimes catch harmful energies without noticing them. You have to get rid of them!

By washing your hands calmly after a massage, you are not only making an essential gesture of hygiene. It also allows you to get rid of some of these energies that may clutter you up.

You can also walk for a few minutes, for example when you reposition your cabin, and take three or four deep breaths to oxygenate and recharge yourself. But don't forget to talk too. 

Talk to your manager, colleagues or whoever you want.

I'm not telling you to go and see a psychologist, although you do what you feel like. 

No, I'm just telling you not to keep within yourself what would be better expressed. 

“Expression” also means "exhale pressure". So enjoy it! 

Talk about what comes to your head, your sorrows as well as your joys, let go any sadness as well as laughter. Free your mind from those little things that accumulate and make your mind and body tired and heavy.

Take good care of yourself!

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