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Good resolutions

Nothing’s easier than making a good resolution and nothing’s more difficult than sticking to it. No need to make a revolution in your life.

At the beginning of each year, we often make good resolutions. This was probably your case again this year. A plan that is not always easy to keep... What is your assessment when spring is here?

If you have any difficulties, here are some ideas to get you there. Or for next year ;-)

Evolution or revolution?

Why do you want to revolutionize everything at the beginning of every new year? It could be because we all tend to settle into habits. We know, often instinctively, that they are not all good... The change of year is then an excellent opportunity to think twice about them and start again on a new basis for the coming year. 

To do this, it is necessary to make a small assessment and first of all to differenciate professional and personal aspects. 

On the personal side: I need to take care of myself too!

For the actors of Wellness that you are, a recurring resolution is undoubtedly to apply to ourselves the good advice we give to others... You certainly know what I mean!

Quitting smoking, resuming physical activities, having a better nutrition and hydration on a daily basis. Or breathe between each treatment, stretch in the morning, go to bed earlier... You know this by heart and yet...

This beginning of the year may have been the right time for you to reset the record. What is the situation today?

Not so good? Like me! I decided to go for a walk every day but I too often skip it... It's not too serious. 

On a personal level, good resolutions also mean reflecting on our ways of looking at our social relationships. Shouldn't I check my emails or social networks a little less often to be less distracted and more available to those around me? Can I concentrate easily? 

An example: Am I able to detect fake news in the middle of all the news I absorb during the day? It is a good exercise to develop critical thinking skills. Our eyes and brain are constantly being attacked by stimuli that prevent us from taking a step back. Overall, the use of smartphones produces fatigue but also difficulties in concentration and it degrades the quality of our sleep. Perhaps one day we should see "Use in moderation" on our phones!

On the professional side 

Here, the good resolutions are different. For managers and freelancers we will talk much more about good resolutions concerning business and technical performance. 

An assessment at the beginning of the new year is an opportunity to ask oneself fundamental questions. Do the prices of my services reflect the quality of my work? What training would be useful this year for me or my team? Is the decor of my workplace in line with the image I want to give of it or of myself?

Good professional resolutions are just as difficult to keep as personal ones. In addition, they often mean involving colleagues, management or the team... Not easy!

A piece of advice

Don't try to change everything all of a sudden. There is often too much resistance to overcome. Sort out and prioritize your priorities. A specific good resolution is often more important to you. Focus on this one. It is easier to set a single target at a time. When this resolution has become easy, you can always try to do better or differently on another subject.

Why wait until the beginning of the year?

A good resolution does not necessarily have to wait until the beginning of the year to be taken!

Examples valid all year round?

Train yourself, learn more about a technique, change the supplier who has been bothering you for too long, read the labels of the products you use, learn to say "no", learn about the local products you could promote in your care, ask for an increase for you and/or your team,... 

In short, feel alive all year round!

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